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Rainbow Beach - CFI Jean-Luc Lejaille

"I reckon that no matter what the vocation or sport, you can't beat knowledge, skill and experience. Jean Luc at Rainbow Paragliding has these attributes in spades. Jean Luc is one of the pioneers of paragliding in Australia and he is also an expert instructor. I found his high regard for safety, comforting and his deep knowledge of weather conditions, reassuring. Paragliding can be a dangerous sport but Jean Luc is good at teaching people how to know their limits and to practice skills that take much of the danger away. What's more he's a great bloke and a lot of fun to spend time with. I would recommend Jean Luc to anyone who wants to enjoy the thrills of paragliding in the safest possible manner - he knows his stuff!" - David Tollner


Sunshine Coast Hang Gliding & Weight Shift Microlights - CFI David Cookman

"I had the pleasure of flying with David (Senior Safety Officer, Tandem Hang Gliding Pilot and Microlight Pilot) in his microlight around the shore lines of Noosa. I would have to say that it has been one of the major highlights of my life. The view was spectacular, the freedom you feel when you're up in the air is mind blowing. David is very experienced, funny and friendly, I felt absolutely safe and comfortable with him. A must for everyone to experience. Loved it."


SEQ Paragliding - CFI Shane Gingell

Shane still takes a hands on approach and you will see him onsite personally taking the time for one on one time with every student. Passionate about the sport of paragliding Shane as held numerous executive positions on the local flying clubs over his long flying career. He has been passionately involved in pilot development and site development for nearly 2 decades now. This gives Shane intimate knowledge of the local flying sites and local weather conditions needed for flying. Shane finds it very gratifying teaching his passion of paragliding to student pilots and passing on his many years of experience.


Canungra/Gold Coast - CFI Lisa Bradley

Lisa and her team recognize and appreciate that every student has a different background, wants and needs. Training is only progressed at an individual’s pace, in incremental steps so they quickly gain mastery and feel they’ve achieved something significant from the very early stages of their course.


Canungra/Gold Coast - CFI Philip Hystek

Our "Chief Flying Instructor" is Phil Hystek. Phil is one of the most experienced and knowledgable instructors in Australia with more than 27 years of "free flight" instruction to his credit. Phil has taught in places as diverse as Australia, Indonesia, India, Iceland, USA, Europe and New Zealand, and is ready to take you to new heights in your quest for soaring freedom. Phil and his team of experienced instructors look forward to helping you to get airborne and find "true flying freedom"


Canungra/Gold Coast - CFI Jason Turner

Paratech's Chief Flight Instructor, Jason Turner, has over 29 years flying experience with paragliders, hang gliders, sailplanes and ultralight aircraft. A full time Instructor for over 15 years, Jason is well known for his calm, comprehensive and adaptive teaching style with a high regard for student safety. Jason is still a formidable and well respected pilot with recent podium finishes in competitions, several long distance record flights and has much more to offer our students than most entry level instructors, thanks to his extensive and proven flying background.


Toowoomba - CFI Matt Fox

Tribal Flight Paragliding is a registered HGFA flying school and training facility. All schools are required to conform to the HGFA (and CASA) minimum standards for equipment, operational systems, certification and ongoing support. The school is run by Matt Fox who is the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) and also a World Record holder for Paramotoring. As part of the training and courses, Tribal Flight Paragliding will introduce you to other pilots and local paragliding clubs and groups. Your learning is ongoing and sharing your experiences with other pilots is key to your success.


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