Queensland Sports Aviators (QSA)

Our Mission

QSA represents the interests of all SAFA Affiliated Sports Aviation Clubs and their members with key Queensland state based stakeholders. Our enduring mission is to enable our pilots and passengers to safely enjoy exhilarating flight experiences, whilst providing a sustainable future for this to occur.

Our Vision

We seek to inspire adventure seeking Queenslanders to safely participate in our forms of flying and we seek to help build a sustainable sports aviation future for our affiliated clubs and their members.

Our Values

Core values which support our mission and vision are;

  • Safety above all else - without safety there is no future.
  • Inclusiveness - pilot or passenger, our forms of aviation are for all Queenslanders.
  • Exhilarating adventure - participation in sports aviation delivers ever changing life experiences which are thrilling and overwhelmingly fulfilling.
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About Us

Queensland Sports Aviators (QSA) represents the interest of all SAFA affiliated sports aviation clubs from the NSW border to the Central Queensland city of Rockhampton.

Those interests cover recreational & competition flying, the need to accommodate our forms of aviation in infrastructure planning (land and airspace requirements), sports funding in its numerous forms, training and development of all pilots whether new or long standing and the promotion of our exhilarating forms of aviation throughout our area of operation.

Our activities include:

  • Representing our aviation interests with key State and Regional stakeholders
  • Supporting safety programs for our pilots
  • Supporting our clubs and their members
  • Supporting our training schools throughout our area of operation
  • Promoting our unique aviation forms to the broader Queensland public
  • Encouraging Queenslanders to engage with our training schools & enjoy an exhilarating aviation experience
  • Supporting the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) and its governance of our aviation forms
  • Supporting the efforts of our clubs to grow our sport
  • Distribution to clubs of Regional Development Levy funds, collected annually by SAFA and passed to QSA
  • Working with organisations to secure funding that supports the growth of our sport
  • Representing our interests in Queensland with aviation regulators and industry forums
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Meet the QLD Committee

  • President - Paul Green
  • Secretary - Paul Reilly
  • Treasurer - Kent Gosden
  • Committee Member - John Vasta
  • Committee Member - Brett Paull
  • Committee Member - Mike Zupanc
  • Committee Member - Sonya Fardell
  • Committee Member - Wayne Smith
  • Committee Member - Terry Carroll

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